About Us

In October 2016 the enterprise TURBOSTAL LLC is 20 years. In all periods of our development and work, strategic tasks requiring deep, complex and individual approach to their solution were allotted before us. Our activities are an individual decision aimed at satisfying the requirements of the customer by the most effective way. This is a principle on which TURBOSTAL LLC is based and with which we continue to work all 20 years. For these years of work in the conditions of the dynamic market, we have received wide experience. Now proudly we can say that our stability and success have three components which help us to hold out in such sever environment:

  • respectability, commitment and honesty in the work;
  • high qualification and competence in solving of allocated tasks;
  • reliable partners of work of which we can be proud today.

Turbostal LLC owns today extensive resources tried and tested for the whole history of its development. These are above all competent employees who based on the already wide experience and knowledge solve issues on execution of orders of the largest ore mining and smelting enterprises of countries of the near abroad efficiently providing timely and qualitative production of equipment and spare parts as well as a full range of logistics operations including customs and transportation activities. Particularly valuable is considerable experience in logistics of unique oversize and heavy cargos.

We do not rest on our laurels, develop new markets, try to make progress in all endeavors. We have extensive plans ahead, we are sure of our prospects, we are looking forward to new achievements and victories.

We rely on new successes and victories.

We are always open for a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.

We thank all our partners and tell them thank you - we grow with you.