Zolotukhin Ivan Ivanovich

Director of Tekhnomash LLC

«Working with the team of Turbostal LLC, I always feel reliability, commitment and decency. For many years of close cooperation there was always a mutual understanding and clear fulfillment of obligations. The successful work on expansion of the market for our products in the territory of the neighboring countries is of critical importance. Longstanding experience, credibility and competence stand behind this work».

Dolgikh Yuri Ivanovich

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Filit OJSC

«For 20 years in the record book of Turbostal there are marks of progress in metallurgical, coke and by-product and energy subjects. It is unlikely that during this time the enterprise has avoided facing with serious competitors, the more significant is the price of its success work».

Plankovskiy Sergey Igorevich

Professor, Doctor of Engineering Science, Dean of the Aircraft Faculty of NAU-KhAI

«The National Aerospace University – KhAI has long-established and good contacts with Turbostal LLC. First of all, this is certainly caused by the fact that this company was established by people who are directly related to our university - they studied therein, began their working career here, became high-qualified researchers having received degrees. Perhaps that is what has allowed them to develop the work in Turbostal on the most modern principles - through the development and use of human capital assets. They are creative, interesting, loving their work people who know how to find endearing people touch points».

Artemovskiy Georgy Ivanovich

Deputy Commercial Director, Director of Procurement of Novoroscement OJSC

«More than ten-year history of our cooperation showed that mature and trained professionals are at the head of Turbostal. A sense of deep responsibility in carrying out their obligations, flexibility and wisdom in decision-making - these are from variety of qualities characteristic of this company».