1. Magnetic deslimers MD-5А and МD-9А, МD-12.

Designed for de-sliming and pulp thickening of high-magnetic ores.

2. Spiral classifiers KS1 и KS2.

The classifiers are made as single-spiral and double-spiral with a spiral diameter of 2.4 mm and 3 mm of the following typical sizes: KS1-24х92, KS1–24х125, KS1-24х134, KS2–24х92, KS2-24х125, KS2–30х125, KS2-24х145.

3. Trough washers К-14.

Designed for washing manganese, iron and other ores.

4. Flotation cells for ore pulps (FM 0,2М; FM 0,4М; FM 3,2М; FM 6,3М; FM 6,3KSM; MFR 0,2; MFR 0,4).

Designed for ore beneficiation using foam flotation.

5. Mayeda cells (MFL-12А; MFL -25А).

Designed for laboratory experiment of beneficiation of variable mineral resources.

6. Flotation cells for coal slimes (MFU 12; MFU 12АК; MFU 25; FM 25).

Designed for beneficiation of coal slimes using foam flotation.

7. Water cyclones (GTsKM-710; GTsKM -1000; GTsKM -1400).

Designed for separation by fineness in aqueous medium of milled ores and other mineral raw products.

8. Mine cars (VG-9А; VG -28; VG -30; VG -4,5А).

Designed for transportation of rock mass with pour density up to 3 t/cu m.

9. Sinking carriages (VPK-7B; VPKN-7; VPKNE-7).

Designed for reception, accumulation, transportation and discharge of rock mass.

10. Passenger mine cars VPSh-18.

Designed for man trip at ore mining enterprises.

11. Mine-car tipplers.

Designed for VG type mine cars discharge.

12. In-mine scraper winches (10LSU2S; 17LSU2SM; 30LSU2SM; 55LSU2SM).

Designed for delivery of broken rock mass during underground operations.

13. KED-8 crane of locomotive barn.

Designed for mechanized transposition of cell boxes of mine accumulator locomotives.

14. ZD bivalve flap gate

Designed for dust retention in dust collectors.

15. Tilting-type feeders (PK-2,6; PK-14-2,6; PK-1,2).

Designed for regular outputs of inadhesive bulk materials.

16. DL-12А and DL-20 disc feeders.

Designed for constant discharge of bulky loads from bins and leader heads.

17. PShV-6 vibrating mine feeder.

Designed for rock mass discharge.