1. Centrifugal impact crushers from 0.5 to 600 tons/h.
    Crushers with a capacity from 0.5 to 600 t/h are manufactured in the Unitary Enterprise “NPO “CENTER”.
    Centrifugal impact crushers are designed for crushing ore and non-metallic materials.
    In the centrifugal crusher, material destruction occurs due to the impact of material against demister pads during its acceleration in the centrifugal force field in the rotating accelerator. This and the fact that the original thrust and rotor system provides a low vibration level allows you to:
    • increase the crushing degree and extend the control range of fraction content in the product significantly;
    • reduce capital charges by means of low specific consumption and lack of foundations;
    • reduce operating costs;
    • receive consistent grain size composition of the crushed product that is independent of the wear of lining elements;
    • exclude dynamic balance of accelerators;
    • work without vibrations during imbalances reaching 1 kg while the threshold level of imbalances is 20 g in similar foreign impact crushers;
    • exclude the effect of wear of lining elements on grain size composition of the crushed product.
  2. Jaw crushers.
  3. Screw pick crushers: DShZ-500/140 and DShZ-1000/320.
  4. Cone crushers:
    • KVKD-1450/180;
    • KKD-1500 / 180GRShch;
    • KSD-2200Gr;
    • KSD-2200T;
    • КМД-2200Т1;
    • КМД-2200Т2.
  5. Belt conveyors.