Equipment for briquetting of ferrous alloys

Equipment system for briquetting of ferrous alloys is designed for briquetting of ferrous alloy fines of a class 0...5 mm, drying, collecting and further use in steel-smelting operations and includes:

  • Screening unit of starting materials and ferrous alloys;
  • Fractional container charge;
  • Screeners for ferrous alloy classification;
  • Material handling feeders;
  • Receiving bunker unit of ferrous alloy and binder fines and their proportion;
  • Transportation unit of ferrous alloy fines (elevator-belt conveyor) and mix preparation;
  • Briquette drying unit;
  • Screening unit of finished briquettes.

Screening complex and briquetting complex introduced in the ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih (earlier Kryvorizhstal) plant allowed reducing the loss of ferrous alloys, reducing the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere, improving the quality of preparation of ferrous alloys for smelting significantly.