Heat-exchange equipment

  1. Air assisted oil wet plants (lube oil coolers) for compressors of drilling rigs (SBSh-250, SBSh-200, etc.).
  2. Lube oil coolers of different kinds: MB, MP; for compressor К-350, К-250-61-5, К-500-61-1, К-1500-61-2, etc.; MRU-19-3 for air compressor К-525, К-1500-62-2, etc.; for air separation plants КТК35-3, КАR-30, etc.
  3. Lube oil coolers for turbine К-800-240-2 and of the other type: М-540, MP-330-300-1, etc.
  4. Lube oil coolers of ball and drum mill ShBM-50(А), Sh-70, Sh-16, Sh-12, etc.
  5. Intermediate air coolers, terminal air coolers for air compressor К-500-61-1, К-1500-61-2, К-1500-62-2, К-500, К-525, К-350 and of the other type: VOT –1400, VOT-1230, VOT-1160, etc.; VO-150 type for compressor houses; 31-00, 32-00 for 1 and 2-stage piston and booster compressor; for electric driving motors of forge hammers, etc.
  6. Boilers (PSV-125, PSV-200, PSV-250, etc.).
  7. Gas coolers (PGO-25 type); gas heaters, etc.
  8. Industrial coolers КТК-12,5/35, etc.
  9. Oil residue heaters.
  10. Radiator units for air cooling of fluids in closed-loop circulation circuit, etc.
  11. Thermosyphon heat-exchangers, shell and tube heat-exchanger, etc.
  12. Repair (manufacture) of tube bundles.
  13. UHF-sensor of feed monitoring (pipe, sheet, etc.).
  14. Water mud hole filters with fiberglass filtering element.
  15. Plate heat exchangers (components GEA Ecoflex, Germany; “SWEP International AB”, “TRANTER PHE AB”, Sweden).
  16. Water-to-water and steam water heating boilers: PSV, PP, STD, VGU, PVS, ТКG, ТКV, ТNG, ТNV, TPG, TPV, ТU, KhKG, KhNV; up to 500 cu m in area.
  17. Tube bundles to all types of heat exchangers with floating inner chamber.
  18. Spirals for GTVD high-pressure heaters.
  19. PND low-pressure heating boilers.
  20. ОG 6-130, ОV 40-150, ОК 8-24 drainage condensate coolers.
  21. Air heaters cubes with bare pipes.
  22. Manufacture of convective, screen parts for any boiler marks.
  23. Manufacture of vapor superheaters for any boiler marks.
  24. Oil heaters with brass tube.
  25. PM type heat-exchangers for oil residue heating.
  26. Air receivers up to 63 cu m.
  27. Terminal and intermediate aftercoolers for all compressor models.
  28. Ribbed bimetal tubes of brass and aluminum.
  29. FIP, FOP, FISDRN, FSU type filters for water treatment in by-product-recovery department and slot-type rays thereto.
  30. Salt dissolvers.
  31. DA, DSV type deaerating beads with capacity of 25-800 t/hour.
  32. Mud collectors of horizontal and vertical type.